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Can You Match The Mobile Brands Logo ?

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Can You Match The Mobile Brands Logo ?

The logo is the center of the brand. The logo is designed when the company is established. A logo is a way for consumers to identify a company. People walk through their daily lives and are constantly exposed to numerous logos. From time to time, we spend a little time observing these logos.

Nowadays, highly-known logos have come a long way. Marketing experts improve the art of brand recognition by evaluating the effect of the logo in a variety of ways. One of the most interesting ways to measure logo victory is to use the squint test.

We rarely think about the creativity behind the logo and whether it needs to be improved. This is because usually the simplest logo is the most effective. The logo can have many different shapes and sizes. Logo creators will purposefully choose simple logos, because simplicity can bring powerful features and better stand the test of time. Another common feature of logos is color. Logos with rich colors tend to stand out more.

In this quiz, you will match the logo with their company. You will explore the design starting point of today's top companies. If you are someone who watches many ads, then you will see many of these logos! Good luck quiz!


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