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Can You Match The Best NBA Team Logo?

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Can You Match The Best NBA Team Logo?

Although basketball was created at the end of the 19th century, the National Basketball Association was not established until 1946. At that time, it was actually called the American Basketball Association, but adopted the NBA nickname three seasons later. After merging with the National Basketball League. The first game was played between the New York Knicks and the Toronto Eskimos on November 1, which surprised even most die-hard fans. The Huskies lasted only one season. For the next 50 years, the league consisted only of the US team, and then the Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies became expansion teams.

The National Basketball Association was established in 1946, before the Internet, Power Rangers and soda cans became popular.

After the Second World War, the United States has been seeking the gold of economic prosperity, so it is not surprising that a sports league like the NBA will take away our souls and money. Before that, there were basketball organizations, such as the American Basketball League in 1925 and the National Basketball League in 1898, but the NBA was still one of them.

The history of all teams in the league is similar to the career of a player wearing a professional team jersey. Of course, this does not mean that all players start and end their careers in the same jersey, because some of the greatest NBA stars are skilled players throughout the league. When establishing their legacy, they were adorned with multiple logos throughout their careers.

Most of the franchises that entered the first decade of the league no longer operate today. Many teams have moved from one city to another, and then to another city. With so much history, you may be lost for days. All these logos in this quiz are from NBA teams. Some of these logos may belong to a team, but the franchise moved to another city and was given another name. We use not only the primary logo, but also the secondary logo. Participate in the game, do your best, and good luck!


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