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How Many The Best Boxers of All Time Can You Name?

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How Many The Best Boxers of All Time Can You Name?

Boxing is the earliest survival fighting skill of humanity in ancient times. After the bow and arrow came out, boxing began to show the embryonic form of sports gradually.

Boxing is called "the sport of the brave." There are many records about boxing as early as ancient Greece and Rome. In the ancient Olympics, boxing was already one of the competition events. By the third Modern Summer Olympics in St. Louis, men's boxing was officially included in the competition.

If you ask about the most passionate sports globally, the boxing event with a long history is definitely not to be skipped. Otherwise, how can there be so many high-scoring movies about boxing? The 8-point boxing movies on IMDb are just a random count. Half-tone fans, like the author, can count more than 10.

Throughout the ages, countless fighters have left a deep impression on sports fans.

How should the overall performance and personal influence be ranked as the greatest boxer in boxing history?

Muhammad Ali: Record: 56 wins, 5 losses & 37 KO opponents. He has the ability to win and maintain the title of champion for a long time. He is called king; some future heroes play a long time in sports, called holy; even if he has benefits About security risks, the quality of still daring to speak up for society can be called a man.

Muhammad Ali is such a fighter who has everything. Rather than the nickname of the strongest "boxing king", I prefer to call Ali the greatest boxer in history.

As we all know, Ali is one of the greatest idols of the 20th century in sports. Ali's influence has long surpassed boxing; Ali's fists are not just to knock down opponents on the stage, but to fight the war, discrimination, injustice, and the imperfect human world.

Sugar Ray Robinson: Record: 193 wins, 19 losses, 6 draws, 2 abandoned matches & 108 KO opponents, "Rhythm is everything about boxing. Every action starts with the heart. This is the rhythm of boxing." The golden rule comes from Sugar Ray Robin's mouth, who is nicknamed "The Sage". Boxing skills have truly completed a great transition of skills and tactics from modern to modern times, and at the same time, it was created by Sugar Ray Robin of Boxing Master.

What does Sugar Ray Robinson mean for boxing? It is precise because of his existence that boxing, from the people's cognition, relying on heavy punches and pure power to win the barbaric sport, slowly turned to this is a victory. It requires not only the butterfly to spread the flowers but also the bee needle punches. Sports art close up. I have to mention that Sugar Ray Robinson is the sports icon of King of Fighters Ali, and it is also an important reason why the late Sugar Ray Leonard changed his name to "Sugar". It can be seen that Sugar Ray Robinson has left a profound influence on future generations of boxers, and the title of "Boxer" is well-deserved.

Who is the best boxer of all time? Anyone can vote for the greatest boxer of all time, which means these boxers are indeed fanned favorites. From Olympic legends such as Sugar Ray Leonard to sports icons such as Muhammad Ali, there are many options to consider when thinking about who the greatest boxer is. Now let's guess which of the greatest boxers in history are there, and see if you can guess the greatest boxers in history?


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