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5 Fun Running Games for Kids

Whether you have kids or you're still a kid at heart, running games are a fun way to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine without feeling like you're exercising. Here are 11 to try.

Running games for kids -- child-centered -- are designed to help improve physical fitness and self-esteem.

It's a proven and trusted source, and they also allow family members to exercise while playing together, rather than making running a scary physical activity. While some kids enjoy competitive track games, others prefer casual relays and tag games. Because there are so many running games for kids, it's easy for your kids to use their imagination to create their own running games.

Most kids like to run, but many get tired of running in place or running laps around a track or gym. So why not be creative and keep them active? Planning structured games that include running is a great way for kids to exercise while still having fun.

Whether you're looking for physical exercise, physical education classes, birthday parties or just running games to play in the backyard, here are some games that are always popular with kids.

Experts say children should spend at least 60 minutes a day doing physical activity to maintain optimal physical and mental health. So, first of all, we've brought some fun running games for kids in this article to encourage them to stay fit and active. You can even combine these activities with jumping and jogging to get them to spend time outdoors instead of sticking to their gadgets.

At a time when the average human attention span is a mere eight seconds, it may seem like an uphill battle to compete in real life with the instant gratification of online apps and games. But if we can get kids to really enjoy a sport like running and develop their own internal motivation to keep it going, we have a chance to turn them into lifelong runners and show them the benefits of embracing life off-screen.

A great way to get kids excited about running is to make the "work" of training as fun as possible. These 7 exercises disguised as games not only work out young bodies, but also get high marks for fun.

Whether you have kids or you're a kid at heart, running games are a fun way to get physical activity into your day without feeling like you're exercising. Here are five attempts. A running game designed for kids, and designed for kids, to help improve physical fitness and self-esteem.


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