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5 First-Party Nintendo Games Everyone Forgot About

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5 First-Party Nintendo Games Everyone Forgot About

With Nintendo releasing nearly countless titles over the years, it's no surprise that fans have forgotten a few of their obscure hidden gems.

When it comes to first-party libraries, there is no company as iconic as Nintendo. From Mario to The Legend of Zelda, the beloved company has been cranking out instant classics for decades with properties that are well known around the globe. With the spotlight on the company, it's unlikely a first-party game would fall under the radar.

As time goes on and as the Nintendo library grows, it's inevitable for some of their first-party games to be lost in the shuffle. This could just be because of time or because they don't get as much love considering other great games of that time. But for some fans, being reminded of these forgotten games can spark feelings of nostalgia.


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