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5 Best Horror Games For Kids

It's hard to balance the scary with the goofy in children's horror games but these titles do it perfectly.

Kids often enjoy being spooked, as demonstrated by the popularity of Halloween and ghost stories around the campfire. And yet, there aren't a ton of suitable options when it comes to horror in entertainment mediums for this demographic. Most parents would agree that it can be tough to find that balance between a quality work of horror that can be creepy without scaring the daylights out of their child.

However, there are a number of games that manage to ride that line, while also offering a genuinely creative and fun experience. These are games that tend to have tamer, more kid-friendly themes and dial back the horror excess, but can still be subtly spooky.

October is here, which means that Halloween — with all its thrills, chills, and candy — is beginning to creep around the corner. Along with the colorful foliage, apple cider, and pumpkin-flavored everything, this is undoubtedly the highlight of the season. With it comes the inevitable rise of spooky horror and thriller games and films, as people seek to complement the holiday with some entertaining scares.

This, of course, includes children, many of whom revel in the colorful costumes and candy of Halloween. Given the festive season and the rise of horror games for all ages, it seemed fitting to revisit and flesh out this spooktacular list of great horror games for kids.


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