Talking Tom Gold Run Or Talking Angela?
Correct Answer: Talking Tom Gold Run

It was an ordinary morning. Tom woke up in his bed, stretched, and prepared to start another good day. And then he noticed that the safe door was open, but there was no money that was there! Having run out to the threshold, our hero saw a fleeing raccoon, a stuffed sack dangling behind his back. Coins were pouring out of it onto the road. Tom realized this was a mysterious thief, and hurried after him. And so he runs down the street, jumping over hedges and avoiding obstacles that appear in his path, as well as collecting coins scattered all over the map.

This is the gameplay of Talking Tom Gold Run. You have to complete quite a number of levels before you can collect enough money to upgrade your house. As you move further and further, the difficulty of the map will increase. You will come across more and more sophisticated obstacles that you need to jump over, slide under them or dodge vehicles moving towards you. To deal with all of them, you need a great reaction, because you can’t miss a single coin, even if you risk being run over by a tram.

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