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Top 5 Talking Pet Game

Have you heard "Talking Tom"? If your answer is no, come on, I highly recommend that you play these talking Tom games. Talking Tom is a cute and funny cat. His voice is charming and he can be handsome on certain occasions. One of Tom's most frequently cited traits is imitation -- whenever spoken to, he repeats himself in his own distinctive voice. He has a dog as his best friend and a beautiful cat Angela as his girlfriend. If you like Talking Tom, don't miss these games.

If talking Tom falls and hurts himself, give him your hand and take care of them. Talking Tom can be very naughty at times, so teach them a lesson by fixing the problems they create. Talking to Tom may be sad, so listen to their frustration and help them. Dress him up when he wants to ride a street motorcycle. When he wants to go to a Halloween party, dress him up. When he wants to get married, design a beautiful wedding dress for him and set up the wedding venue. You're his best friend, and he'll be happy with your help. If you enjoy these different kinds of chat Tom games, don't hesitate to come to our website!


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