Talking Angela Or Talking Tom Camp?
Correct Answer: Talking Angela
Cats Go Fishing Or Talking Tom Camp?
Cats Go Fishing Or Talking Tom Camp?

Talking Angela is a cute kitty that you will gladly take care of every day. You will be with her from the very first days of her life. At the first level, it will be just a sill kitten who walks in a diaper and doesn’t know anything about this world yet. But with the effort, you can turn her into a real lady! You will have a great time together, and you will definitely become very attached to her!

Levels are gained for completing small and big tasks. To earn them faster, you need to have a high XP amplifier – the higher it is, the faster. You can increase it by improving items, or by purchasing outfits. By the way, Angela is a crazy fashionista and shopaholic. Various outfits are her little weakness. Angela the farmer? No problem. An exquisite ballerina? Good too. Or maybe even a little red riding hood? Very pretty. You will have no shortage of choice!

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