Talking Angela Eye Doctor Or My Talking Hank?
Correct Answer: Talking Angela Eye Doctor

Talking Angela Eye Doctor is definitely one of the most incredible and awesome games you have ever played and it offers you the rare and unique occasion to take care of Angela's health status, which is one of the most important and full of responsibility things you have ever done. Before you start playing this fantastic game, you have to know that using the mouse will be necessary but not enough for you because you also have to prove that Tom, Angela's boyfriend, will be ready for your help because he is her doctor and despite the fact that he isn't a real doctor, with your help you can make her feel better. Start the treatment right now and do not stop until Angela is feeling better and she will be healthy. Use the mouse for all of these and start with consulting her because the most important thing is to establish what disease does she have. Have a lot of fun once again and do not waste your precious time anymore because you will definitely have need as much time as you can have. Go for it now and Angela and Tom will be so thankful for your help!

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