Stickman Zombie 3D Or Parkour Race?
Correct Answer: Stickman Zombie 3D
Stickman Football Or Bridge Race?
Stickman Football Or Bridge Race?

What does it take to kill a horde of stick zombies approaching? You are a stickman here, and you would need to grab a gun to start killing the zombies!

best stickman games - games with Stickman characters - Best Stickman Games for AndroidStickman Zombie is yet another stickman game for Android. The game is filled with funny violence and incorporated with ragdoll physics for the stickman. The graphics quality isn’t much of a comparison to the other stickman games for Android, but it is still something fun to play.

You will get a variety of guns as you progress killing the zombies and keep shooting till you see some movement! If you waste time, you will get killed! So, it is your choice to go on!

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