Maze Bank Tower Office & Garage
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Darnel Bros Warehouse
Darnel Bros Warehouse

In terms of real estate investment, it is the best; Maze Bank Tower Office & Garage will cost players $4 million. If all three garages were purchased, the price would rise to $6.75 million. While it does have its uses, it's a luxury item, more like a status symbol.

Located in the Pillbox Hill area of downtown Santos, Los Angeles, it's right in the middle of everything. Due to the size of the building, it is easy to see from miles away, and there is a helipad on the roof for easy access. It is undoubtedly the best administrative office in the game, but few players can comfortably afford it.

While not quite as impressive, the Arcadis Business Center Office and Garage is a perfect alternative, at $2,250,000, almost half the price. Like Labyrinth Bank's administrative offices, it is located in the Pillbox Hill area and has a rooftop helipad.

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