Mario Golf Or Lep's World 2 Super Bino Go Super Bino Go?
Correct Answer: Mario Golf
Mario Golf Or Super Bino Go?
Mario Golf Or Super Bino Go?

More than a decade on from Mario's first time teeing off, everybody's favorite Italian plumber returned to the links in Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. As one might expect, the leap to 3D completely transformed the series and the increased cartridge capacity of the system helped Camelot to cram considerably more content into the game than the original.

Impressively, the game features ten distinct game types, including a wonderfully-implemented mini-golf mode. The game also features 14 playable characters, ten of which need to be unlocked. Despite the game being named after him, Mario is one such character, with players only able to control his baby form when they first start out. Japanese players also missed out on Metal Mario, which is only available in North American and European versions of the game.

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