Lombank West Office & Garage
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Having an executive office is important for those who want to do the CEO job. It's where the cash accumulates and can be upgraded to provide additional services. Lombok West Office & Garage in Del Perro is the most expensive, but its location compares favorably with some of the other options.

Three adjacent garages can be purchased, each holding 20 cars. Players can also access cargo and vehicle missions here, and can even sleep thereafter purchasing the appropriate upgrade. Given that you can only have one administrative office at a time, many players may opt for a cheaper one, or the best one.

When it finds better value, labyrinth Bank West Office and garage is an incredibly tempting budget option. It is also located in the Del Perro district of North Los Santos and offers all the same benefits as Lombank West, including a rooftop helipad. Best of all, though, it costs only $1 million.

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