Lep's World Or Super Mario Sunshine?
Correct Answer: Super Mario Sunshine

Sunshine is without a doubt the most difficult 3D Mario game, despite its cheery look and clean theme. Water is the main mechanic in the game, and by using Mario's water machine (F.L.U.D.D.), plumbers can perform a variety of satisfying actions and tasks.

But some of the colorful levels can turn into nightmares and feel as scary as Shadow Mario. For example, riding on leaves down toxic waterfalls, collecting blue coins, and the infamous pinball trap cards. To make matters worse, we had to contend with the worst camera ever made. The other is any level that features a watermelon.

Despite a few messy, teeth-grinding moments, flying around F.L.U.D.D., spraying colorful places clean, leads to some fun, satisfying experiences and great memories.

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