Lep's World 3 Or Super Mario Bros. 3?
Correct Answer: Super Mario Bros. 3
Lep's World Or Super Mario Sunshine?
Lep's World Or Super Mario Sunshine?

While Super Mario Bros. 3 isn't the most difficult 2D Mario game, it's certainly a step in the right direction compared to its predecessors. Of course, the game will probably include some fairly cheap Warp Whistles that will allow players to skip half of the game. However, it also misses out on some of the best 2D platformer gameplay.

It's a real challenge for those who don't opt for cheap games to skip and experience this memorable journey properly. But despite the sometimes frustrating difficulties -- especially in the last few worlds -- it's fun to try and overcome the challenges. The classic game does reward players who learn through trial and error to the chaotic phase, though it also emphasizes primitive skills. It's these qualities that make Super Mario Bros. 3 the best Mario game to date.

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