Kick the Buddy: Forever Or Mario & Luigi: Dream Team?
Correct Answer: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Or Worldkrafts?
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Or Worldkrafts?

AlphaDream is making its debut on 3DS, and Dream Team continues the classic Mario & Luigi series. The game relies too much on gimmicks, as regular combat becomes less important than more "fun" gameplay. Fans of the earlier work may be turned off by the shift, but those who stick with it have plenty of games to play.

In almost every HowLongToBeat category, the dream team is at or near the top in terms of length. Honestly, why is there such long documentation? It's not surprising that this game came out on top, but it's clearly enough to keep players engaged far beyond what was expected of the series.

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