Initial Release Of Microsoft Flight Simulator
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History Of Microsoft Flight Simulator
History Of Microsoft Flight Simulator

The original game, called flight simulator for short, began in the late 1970s and was led by Bruce Atwick (Bruce Artwick) of a company called Sublogic. 

The game was released on various personal computers in 1981, but Microsoft approached Artwick and Sublogic shortly after its release. 

The software giant is interested in loudly demonstrating the visual capabilities of the new 16-bit computer relative to its eight-bit predecessor, and hopes to use a flight simulator to prove it because the game has excellent graphics. 

In 1982, Sublogic licensed the flight simulator as a Microsoft product, and the first version of the Microsoft flight simulator was born. 

Microsoft flight simulator is suitable for DOS, Classic Mac OS, PC-98, Windows, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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