For Girls Or Talking Tom Pool?
Correct Answer: For Girls
My Talking Hank Or Talking Angela 2021?
My Talking Hank Or Talking Angela 2021?

Everyone knows that girls love taking care of themselves. They are crazy about makeup and hairstyles, and they enjoy digging through piles of fashionable clothes picking out a perfect outfit for today. If this is about you, then this game is just perfect for you to spend a great time! Here you can meet a charming cat named Angela who shares your infatuation with fashion and good looks. Together you are going to have so much fun!

Angela loves taking a bath and will gladly lie in a hot tub filled with soap bubbles. Then her fur will become white and fluffy, there won’t be a trace of dirt on it. You’ll be able to comb her the way you like and even choose a hairstyle that is unusual for a cat. But that will make Angela look even more awesome! There is also a special room where she keeps all of her skincare products and cosmetics. You can experiment with various tints to select just the right color of eye shadows, lipstick, and skin tone. And if Angela has a zit, you can easily remove it with a special remedy!

Now it’s time to come up with an ideal outfit that Angela will be wearing. There are tons of them in her wardrobe and even more in the store. You can change them as often as you like and your heroine will look adorable no matter what you put on her. Earn coins by completing daily tasks and buy more amazing clothes and accessories to turn Angela into a real cat princess and fashion icon! Enjoy your pastime!

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