Don’t Be Afraid To Change Recommended Clubs
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Don’t Forget To Visit The Shop
Don’t Forget To Visit The Shop

The AI in Mario Golf: Super Rush automatically selects the right club based on the current situation. However, it's not always perfect. Sometimes on par fives, it will reduce the length of the club so that the club will not reach its maximum length. This is sometimes good because it makes sense that the small club can navigate around obstacles in the road, such as rocks or trees.

But at other times, it doesn't make so much sense. Players need to pay attention to what clubs they are using before swinging. Also, it is sometimes better to use the putter even if the player is not yet on the flag grass. Mario Golf: Super Sprint is a solid recommendation for any golf game, and if the player sticks to what the game tells them, hitting the ball from a distance can be a satisfying moment.

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