Check the Lights!
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Check Pirates Cove
Check Pirates Cove

Since you can't look through cameras to find electronic components, you have to check each camera several times. Switch them on and off in quick succession, back and forth. If you see a cyborg at the door, close it. Don't open the door until Chika is out of the window and you can't see Bonnie. If the light switch or door doesn't work, congratulations! An electronic toy in your room that scares you when you put the camera down. If you are 5 years old then you have a small chance of survival, just don't look at the camera and hope Foxy doesn't follow you. If Freddy is in the room, carry on as usual, as he will jump out at any moment to scare you (it's random, so you can survive in the room with him for a while at times).

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