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5 Of The Best Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Games

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5 Of The Best Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Games

Five Nights at Freddy's has spawned countless fan games inspired by the original series, and these are definitely the best.

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Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's is a series of horror games about a franchise of "kid-friendly" restaurants that takes a terrifying turn when their electronic mascot is haunted. Although the game started out as a relatively simple fear-filled jump game, the storyline has expanded into a frenetic story pace that members of the community love to analyze.

Horror games that preceded Resident Evil, and of course, fans were inspired to create their own games based on the series. There are thousands of Freddy fan games out there. Some games are simple and follow the expected progression of the story or mechanics, and some games go into areas that people never expected, and those are great things.


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