Anger of Stick 5 Or Z Escape?
Correct Answer: Anger of Stick 5
Stickman Soccer 2016
Stickman Soccer 2016

The Anger of Stick 5 is one of the most loved stickman games for Android. It puts you into a situation where a group of enemies took some of the people to experiment on them.

best stickman games - best stickman soccer games - best stickman shooting games - games with Stickman character - Best Stickman Games for AndroidThe outcome of the experiment gives birth to a Zombie Apocalypse. The people you knew the day before might be one of the Zombies you need to kill. You need to show them how bad are you and find the culprits responsible for the chaos.

It is a kind of exciting stickman game bundled in compact file size.

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