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The Most Popular Battle Royale Video Games Right Now

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The Most Popular Battle Royale Video Games Right Now

For gamers around the world, we are ranking the most popular royal battle games in 2021. 

This list of the most popular battle royal games currently includes some of the biggest and best-selling games on Xbox One and PS4. 

What are the top ten battle royal video games at present? 

Royal battle games such as Legend of Pinnacle, Fortnite, PUBG, and call of Duty: war Zone continue to attract new players, thanks to professional players, sports tournaments, Twitch streaming, and Youtube games channel. 

Other good fighting royal games that are popular now include depravity: the ultimate knockout, the rules of survival, and a completely accurate battlefield. 

Vote for the best fighting royal game that everyone should play right now. 

Games in all formats and consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox Xstroke Speng Xbox One, Nintendo switch) are popular, including mobile and PC games.


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