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How Many The Hottest Men Of All Time Can You Name?

Since 1985, "People" magazine has selected 32 different men and won the coveted "sexiest man" title.

From Mel Gibson to the 2020 winner Michael Jordan, they are all arranged in chronological order. Mel Gibson played a star in the original "Mad Max" trilogy and was named "the first sexiest man in human history." He was 29 years old at the time and had co-produced with "Mad Max." His blue eyes attracted fans all over the world.

Arthur asked us to say "O.M.G."-every time we saw him dancing, every time he licked his lips when he closed his eyes and played high notes. The most important thing is that Arthur is a new force in the entertainment industry. He is also a very handsome man with soft eyes and a strong sense of fashion.

The most important thing for these sexiest men in history is to be attractive and capable. After all, men are different from women. Men treat women, and most of them are determined by their appearance, while women value a man's ability and talk about things. The way of talking should be gentlemanly, humorous and natural. Of course, appearance is also critical, such as having eight-pack abs, peachy eyes, broad pectoral muscles, tall nose bridge, sexy throat, etc. With the changes of time and age, everyone has different requirements for modern men.

Who is the sexiest man ever? Are these talented and passionate men the sexiest? These men from all over the world, who do you think are the sexiest men ever?


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