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The 5 Rarest Lego Vehicles Of All Time

Lego has seen some amazing creative combinations over the years, but these car combinations could literally break the bank.

Lego bricks are one of the most popular and loved toys of all time. Everyone knows what these cool stackable blocks are! In fact, most kids probably have at least one. After all, these iconic interconnected pieces of wood are awesome. They are so similar to everything we love, how could they not be? From fast cars, cozy houses, iconic landmarks, and even our favorite characters, there's always a Lego for all ages.

While Legos may be popular with kids, they're not the only market for these coveted plastic bricks. Adults also collect these miniature bricks, perhaps more than children! That's because Lego bricks are not only fun, they're also expensive. Sure, it's cool to just gawk at a complete Lego set. However, some people don't even make them at all, because keeping a fully sealed Lego set is like having a box full of gold coins waiting to be sold!

Some of the most popular Lego combinations are undoubtedly based on popular cars. These combinations are characterized by complex parts that require hundreds of separate blocks to complete. Most collectors pay thousands of dollars for a set! Although Legos are notorious for causing pain when stepped on, it looks like legos aren't so bad after all, right? Here are 25 of the rarest and most sought-after Lego cars. While questions remain, could you keep one of these hidden gems locked away in your closet?


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