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The 5 Best Stickman Games

Fight your match army against friends in an online multiplayer game. 

Take your hero stick picture and face an incredible adventure! 

You can enjoy wild and crazy action scenes in games such as territorial wars or match man madness without uncomfortable lifelike graphics. 

It's fun to watch your match man release extreme violence, which is excessive and cartoon. 

But not all the match man games you can find here are related to fighting. 

Some include very clever puzzles. 

Here, you can solve the problem by drawing lines at the correct angle. 

Others play like ordinary role-playing games. 

You will explore the mysterious land. 

But when you do so, you will also build and develop your character. 

In every battle they survived, it made him stronger and more deadly. 

In games like match Man Archer, you must train and master archery. 

Other games such as the match Man Army make you the defender of the whole country. 

A country mired in a devastating war.


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