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John P

Talking Tom Cat and talking Angela are addictive games that will introduce you to the great characters who will have a good time with you! 

They are cats, but they walk and talk like humans. 

They live in a comfortable house and wear clothes to work. 

Help them complete their daily tasks and participate in interesting adventures, you will have a good time! 

Tom and Angela are charming and friendly cats. 

Tom is clever but modest. 

He works with a dog named Ben on the local news channel, and you'll meet him in the game. 

He also fell in love with Angela, but he couldn't confess his feelings. 

Maybe with your help, he will do it eventually! 

Angela is a real beauty. 

She likes fashionable clothes and is going to change them all day. 

She is also fascinated by makeup and hair. 

On her nightstand, you will find a lot of cosmetics that you can use to try and change Angela's image on special occasions or just because you are in a good mood. 

But that doesn't mean our heroine has no other interests. 

She is very kind and has a gentle soul, so she likes poetry and music. 

She even plays the harp! 

It sounds beautiful, you not only have the opportunity to witness her music career, but also have the opportunity to participate directly in it! 

Take care of Tom and Angela and have fun together! 

The talking Tom Cat and the talking Angela are like the Sims. 

You must take good care of your heroes and make sure their needs are met. 

Each of them has several rooms in their house, where they can eat, take a bath and get a good night's sleep. 

Keeping clean, eating well and having a rest are essential for them to maintain a good mood and a vibrant day. 

When the sun rises, you can do a lot of things! 

You can go for a walk, explore the town, visit various locations and participate in a series of wonderful activities. 

You can satisfy your hobbies at home-for example, cooking, growing vegetables, painting or doing sports. 

There is also an option to play a variety of mini games to test your reaction and logical thinking. 

Here, you can get the gold coins and diamonds needed to unlock new clothes, accessories and furniture to decorate your house. 

Immediately play with talking Tom Cat and talking Angela, have fun!


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