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Highest Grossing Movies In Korea Can You Name?

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Highest Grossing Movies In Korea Can You Name?

What are the highest-grossing movies in South Korea so far? Romantic romances, funny comedies, and thrilling actions, etc. As of June 2020, South Korea's "Extreme Work" has become the highest-grossing domestic movie with a box office revenue of 139.65 billion won. This comedy surpassed "Avatar," a foreign film with the highest box office in China. And "Extreme Work" is about a group of young anti-drug detectives who were supposed to conduct secret surveillance on an international drug gang. They bought a chicken restaurant and used it for covert operations, but unexpectedly gained their food reputation. This comedy must have touched the times' nerves because it became the highest-rated movie in Korean cinemas in 2019 and the second-highest-rated movie in Korean history.

The main destination countries for Korean films are Asian countries, such as Taiwan and Japan, and Western countries, especially the United States. At the beginning of 2020, Korean movies have become the focus of attention. Korean director Feng Junhao's "Parasite" won many Oscars, including best film. In 2020, Feng Junhao's movie "Parasite" won many Oscars and received international attention. However, due to epidemic restrictions, the number of Korean movies shown in American theaters is limited.

In China, the highest-grossing Korean movie is "The Man Standing Second," starring Lee Byung-Hyun, Lee Sung-min, Kwok Duo-do, and Lee Hee-jun. "The Man Standing By The Side" premiered on January 22 and occupied the domestic box office's top spot until February. This film will be the entry for the best international feature film category of the 93rd Academy Awards in South Korea.

Do you like watching Korean movies? Maybe you like watching movies in which your idols appear because you like Korean stars. Do you know which movies you have done have the highest box office? Maybe you watched a lot of Korean movies. But you may not have watched the highest-grossing movies. Here are the highest-grossing movies in South Korea. You can click in to see if your idol is acting or not, but these are the highest-grossing movies in Korea. I look forward to them. Then try this little test


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