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Esquire's 15 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

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Esquire's 15 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Since the days of A Charlie Brown's Christmas and Rankin-Bass stop-motion movies, holiday movies have grown exponentially. And, although you must pay attention to some classic works every holiday, there is always room for you to add more works, especially in cold weather and excessive family relationships.

Whether you are looking for the warm blanket effect of a classic lifelong movie, a classic Christmas movie, or a hidden gem that is fresh like a snowflake, these are the best Christmas movies of this holiday.

So you want to watch a Christmas movie. Of course, you can watch classic musicals. Or an animated TV special. Maybe one millionth of the time, is it actually love or a Christmas story? Or, you can do something completely different, such as picking a movie to be shown on Christmas, but not boasting the joy, joy, liveliness and sweetness of the holiday. These are 15 unconventional Christmas movies that are seasonally appropriate, but delicious.

There are more holidays in the year than Christmas. For many years, Christmas has been the background of many classic and modern collections. These classic gifts and movies have brought warm and fuzzy cheers to the audience. We chose 15 best Christmas movies to inspire the atmosphere of Christmas!

Christmas is a beautiful holiday, what will you do on this day? Or what should I do in free time? You can watch all kinds of great movies. In the immersive experience, this is a beautiful journey!


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