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Can You Match The Best Motorcycle Brands Logo ?

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Can You Match The Best Motorcycle Brands Logo ?

The history of motorcycles in the world began with the German brand Reitwagen, while the Indian brand was the pioneer of American motorcycles. Indians sold the first bicycles in the United States. When the average American wants to say "a reliable and powerful bicycle", he is talking about "Indians", not "Harley" .

However, over time, the balance of power began to change. Indians value technology and innovation, while its rival Harley Davidson focuses on creating its own culture. Harley's method won. Although historically, India was the first, today it is Harley-Davidson who has a huge sales volume and is widely known in the United States and abroad.

Nevertheless, both of them have the honor of being the most famous motorcycle brand in the United States today. This is because the two of them have made great efforts not only in the technological advancement of the vehicle, but also in improving its appearance. No wonder people often say that although the motorcycle itself was born in Europe, the design of modern bicycles undoubtedly appeared in the United States.

There is no doubt that the largest brand in the United States today is Harley-Davidson. This fact can be mainly explained by the wise and even subtle advertising strategies adopted by the company in the early stages. Although Harley-Davidson lags behind the Indians at first, it has quickly developed from a little-known brand to a symbol of freedom and independence of the American dream, a symbol of a certain way of life. Think about it, now Harley-Davidson can compete with Japanese bicycles in terms of technology and price power ratio. However, from the standpoint of status and image, the brand leaves its competitors behind.

The list of famous American motorcycles also includes American Iron Horse, Titan and Triumph. They all have an impressive product range, and the retro motorcycles produced by Mustang are eye-catching with their unique appearance.

Some badges are so famous that everyone can immediately recognize them. However, there are many less popular motorcycles. When you encounter such a sign somewhere, you may be curious about the manufacturer of this car.

Motorcycles are one of the most popular recreational vehicles in the country. Whether you are a bike cross country trip, a collector, or just like hairline, you may have a manufacturer you like. Does this mean that you can name most motorcycle manufacturers by photos? Take the quiz to find out!

There are a large number of motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. How much do you know about the most popular brands and their logos? In this quiz, we will test all your knowledge of motorcycle manufacturing. So put on a helmet-let's go for a drive!


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