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5 Of The Best GTA Clones Ever Made

Grand Theft Auto has inspired many clone games over the years. Here are the best and worst GTA clones on the market.

"Grand Theft Auto" is one of the most popular series in video game history, selling more than 300 million copies. The success didn't happen overnight, however, as the franchise's format was carefully refined over more than 20 years. While the early games did well, it wasn't until the series moved to 3D in 2001 that it really took off. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength.

Prior to GRAND Theft Auto iii, the concept of open-world games was still in its infancy, and only a few games had attempted anything similar. With the rise of Grand Theft Auto, a host of imitators are hoping to cash in on the emerging open world market. While some of these games have been successful, most of the GRAND Theft Auto clones released in the last few years have required more time invested in sequencers.

Given that no news has been announced about the next Grand Theft Auto game, and that remakes of the first three 3D games in the series are rumored to be months away, those who want to unleash carnage in an open-world sandbox may need to venture further afield for a while. Thankfully, there have been a number of great GRAND Theft Auto clones over the years, some of which look and play a lot like Grand Theft Auto. But that's not to say that all GTA clones are good games, and many of them offer a much more GTA like an experience than GTA.


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