World’s Largest Hopscotch
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Flip the Cones
Flip the Cones

Natasha LaBeaud Anzures, the co-founder of 2nd Recess, says the running game sets an epic challenge: conquering the world's longest hoppers.

Use chalk to draw large hopscotch (up to 100 jumps) with room for one-leg and two-leg jumps, as well as different elements such as fire, water, and dragons that children must jump over.

Then set up a small field where the children can run around after each hopscotch. This creates a loop of continuous movement for the children. Have the children form a line behind the first Hopscotch square. They run through the world's longest hopscotch, one at a time, then around the track until they get back to the start of hopscotch. Have the runner repeat the cycle several times.

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