Titanfall 2
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Great, this is Titanfall 2. The weightlessness of fully mastering wall running makes you feel like you're doing some kind of deadly ballet that allows you to overtake your enemies at impossible speeds and grab them without even knowing it. The unforgettable BT-7274 and boundless creativity dominate Titanfall 2's campaign, whether it's letting you switch decades in the blink of an eye, travel through a time-frozen moment, or shredding other Titans to pieces as you enter the BT-7274. As a reward for taking advantage of your environment, you can feel the moment when you start to think differently, aware of the possibilities the map offers. There are also earthquake-like physical distortion shenanigans in its multiplayer. You can jump rabbit and strafe content into your heart, plus grenades can catapult you to the other side of the map.

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