The Art Of Sabotaging
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Avoid Popular Kill Zones
Avoid Popular Kill Zones

Being a master saboteur is hard, but much needed for an imposter. Sabotaging can be done from anywhere on the map, but players should be cautious of the cooldown period that follows. After the sabotage happens, almost every crewmate will rush to fix the problem. This is the best opportunity to kill off a crew member, who reacted slower to the act or is continuing their work alone in a different area.

The kill should not happen in the sabotaged areas. Instead, the imposter should use the chaos and kill off a crewmate on the way to said area. However, it's also suspicious if someone arrives very late to the sabotaged area. Imposters not only should kill a clueless crew member unseen but must rush to the damaged area as fast as possible to avoid suspicion. Without this alibi, the imposter is doomed.

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