Hello Neighbor Or Horror Neighborhood?
Correct Answer: Hello Neighbor
Castlevania Anniversary Collection
Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Hello, Neighbor tasks players with breaking into their neighbor's home and solving puzzles to access his basement and discover an apparent secret. The catch? The player will need to elude the astute and swift neighbor, hiding and retreating when necessary.

One shouldn't succumb to being fooled by the tame, cartoony nature of this suburban horror. It's a cat and mouse game that can actually be pretty intense, given the speedy, adaptable AI neighbor who hunts down the player. The stealth gameplay of this survival horror — coupled with the relentless pursuer — gives the vibe of a kid-friendly version of Resident Evil 7 at times. While it's far rougher around the edges than that classic, this 2018 indie thrives in its experimental concepts and exciting gameplay.

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