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Call of Duty: Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone

Doom Eternal. The peak of FPS. "Doom Forever," the latest entry in the series, encapsulates the essence of the genre, distilled into a glorious, searing, defiant roar. It's a matter of willpower. A creative expression, witty speed, and constant, but thoughtful, release of really big, cool guns that make demons explode really well. No other game has done so well with the art of the moment, the provocative scenes, and the intricacies of cat-and-mouse environmental awareness. Its guns are not just new ways to kill. Each is a multi-toothed key that fits into a different situational lock, attached to a rotating, ever-changing Rubik's cube with different faces of Doom fighting no more dynamic battles.

In many ways, it's an improvement over 2016's Doom, one of the genre's biggest hits, but still worth playing. Ammo, health, and armor supplies are short, but you can pick them up and twist the corpses of dead demons if you kill them in the right way. It lacks 2016's Doom SnapMap, an excellent level design tool, but the multiplayer is still reminiscent of Quake's lightning-fast arena atrocities. If you want to teach anyone a lesson about FPS, you won't find one better or more complete than Doom.

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