BMW M1 Or Mclaren F1 GT?
Correct Answer: Mclaren F1 GT
TVR Cerbera Speed 12 Or Audi RS5 Coupe?
TVR Cerbera Speed 12 Or Audi RS5 Coupe?

Generally regarded as one of the best cars in the game, there's almost nothing this British supercar can't handle, including the FH4's various streetcars. Rear-wheel drive, 6.1-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, 618 horsepower, it's hard to beat on the streets of England.

Not only is this one of the fastest cars in the FH4, but it also thrives in street racing. It can reach zero to 100 miles per hour in seven seconds and a top speed of 230 miles per hour. Its statistics are excellent in all aspects, especially in the launch, speed, and handling. At 5.2 million units at the motor show, it won't come cheap, but those who like fast, exciting racing will find it a worthwhile investment.

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