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Skrik Painting

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Skrik Painting

Scream is a generic term for works created by the Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch in 1893. The original German name Munch used for his works was Der Schrei der Natur, and the Norwegian name was Skrik. The painful face in the painting has become the most iconic image of art and is regarded as a condition that symbolizes an anxious person.

Munch recalled that he once went for a walk at sunset, when the sun suddenly made the clouds "bright red". He felt "infinite screams through nature". Scholars positioned the site on a fjord overlooking Oslo and offered other explanations for the unnatural orange sky, including the impact of the volcanic eruption, Munch’s psychological reaction, and the sister’s promise to the nearby lunatic asylum.

Munch created two versions of paint and two pastel versions, as well as a lithograph stone from which several prints can be obtained. Both painted versions were stolen, but since they were discovered. One of the pastel editions paid the fourth highest nominal price for an artwork in public auctions.

This famous painting is transformed into various squares and scattered in different directions. Can you, as the player, combine this famous painting to restore its original appearance?


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