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Freddy is waiting for you to take a new adventure and make him the protagonist, surpassing his classic five nights in the Freddy game. 

We opened the door to Freddy Fazbear's pizza parlor to challenge the dark fear of electronic animation in our Freddy games. 

Freddy's Bear's five nights will try to scare us into five very scary volumes that constitute great adventures. Chilling things can happen in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, especially at night, when players will be responsible for monitoring morning facilities, you will use surveillance cameras, and you will try to survive seven nights in the fear of these electronic animations. Can you do it without a vigilante in place for such a long time?. 

If you are a player who loves adventure, if you are a player who likes excitement, please participate in it, it will make you feel unforgettable, I hope it makes you feel happy! 

But to remind more timid friends, please call your friend, let him with you, do not be alone!


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