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.io games are multiplayer games that never stop. You can take on other players from all around the world in endless battles or competitions that go around the clock, 24 hours a day!

The term ".io game" dates back to 2015 when the very first one went online using a .io domain based in a region called British Indian Ocean Territory. Titled Agar.io, it became incredibly popular. As a result, other game programmers also decided to use .io domains with their own creations, thus creating a whole new genre of online gaming!

Our IO games propel you into the competitive multiplayer action. We have the most exciting challenge of survival. Make sure you're the last person alive in the IO Battle Royale game. Or get a high score in a game like Paper. Cover as much space as possible. Customize your character before battle and be ready to take on the world! Each of the multiplayer games we've collected teaches you to play in seconds. Quick reflexes, beat everyone around you, become the best scorer. You can eat, shoot, hide, build, upgrade, and more in our IO games. Play these games alone, with friends, or against friends.

The word "IO" in the game comes from the Indian Ocean. IO Games started with AGAR. IO in 2015. IO has become synonymous with real-time online multiplayer online games.

We have various IO games, playing online shooters with friends, playing with others in multiplayer games, growing up eating other snakes in snake games, and so on. Play these online games for free on your computer, no download required. Most of our games can also be played on a phone or tablet. 

IO games are all about competition! In this type of game, players work with other players in the arena trying to score the most points by eating balls, dots, balls, or collecting items. You should be careful because other people are trying to get to the top of the leaderboard too!

We have a great collection of free IO games for you to play. IO games are browser-based real-time multiplayer games with simple graphics and competitive gameplay. You can connect to a room with just a click of the mouse and challenge players from all over the world to various games. You can play alone or form strategic alliances with other players. With over 100 different.io games available online, the choice can be a bit overwhelming. That's why we did this. IO games list, a selection of the best. IO game.

The IO genre began with the success of Agario, a game created by Matheus Valadares, a 19-year-old Brazilian developer. In the game, players control a cell floating in a large petri dish filled with other cells. You can grow by eating AGAR balls or devouring other players' cells. You can also split your cells, either to dodge or rush other players or to feed an ally and attack together. AGAR-AGAR. IO inspired a series of other multiplayer games that applied similar gameplay to other game genres. Early successors include the multiplayer game Slitherio and the chewable Paperio.

IO Games is here to play the best new online unlocked Games like Slither. IO, AGAR. IO and diep. IO. You can play free IO games with your friends. The essence of IO games is simple game mechanics and basic graphics, supported by all browsers and devices. You can start playing IO games, click and enjoy.


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