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Best Female Action Stars Of All Time Can You Name?

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Best Female Action Stars Of All Time Can You Name?

It seems like you can’t go a few weeks online without someone doing an article on the dearth of female-fronted action movies, or the preconceived notion that action films with female leads don’t do well at the box office, or something about Rocket Racoon getting to the big screen before Wonder Woman. We’re not going to do that here, because that’s boring and overplayed. To be honest, we just want to talk about how great Michelle Yeoh is.

Instead, here’s a completely scientific and one hundred percent accurate list of the best female action stars in the history of modern cinema. I’m taking into account the amount of “proper” action films they’ve been in, how good those films are, and the individual performances of the actress and how convincingly badass she is in the film. The methodology produces some surprising results and your feedback is welcomed, but anything that gets people watching more Cynthia Rothrock and Maggie Cheung films is always worthwhile.


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