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5 Stellar LEGO Games

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5 Stellar LEGO Games

Lego games take existing franchises and create amazing Lego adventures. Some of them are great.

Every year, there are many new games released by the franchise, but none as good as the Lego games. These games adopt similar structural adventures in the game world. At this point, most people either love or hate them, but there's no denying that they're just relaxing fun. They are usually inexpensive, too.

Many lego games have been made to date, and we'll review this one here. Here are five Lego games that are worth a lot of money -- and five that aren't worth your time. For this list, we only use modern Lego games starting with Lego Star Wars.

Lego games often adapt superhero worlds. Each of their works is ranked here, from worst to best.

The success of the original Lego Star Wars led to the licensing of a number of Lego games. Traveler's Tales created puzzle games like Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Jurassic Park. Some of the most successful games feature superheroes designed by Lego.

DC and Marvel have both shone in lego's spotlight. They would be perfect superhero games, except that everyone is a mini-character. There are a lot of big open worlds to explore, a variety of quests, and lots of characters.

If GAME "is ready for pre-sale marketing, there is a good chance (even a chance) that an official announcement will be made. Are you excited to finally get the Legend of Skywalker? Keep the whole Star Wars story in mind in the comments section below.


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