Or Gyossait Deluxe Edition?
Correct Answer: Gyossait Deluxe Edition
Snake Off Or You Left Me?
Snake Off Or You Left Me?

While Gyossait was originally a free flash game that was released on its own websites like Newgrounds, players can now buy the Gyossait Deluxe Edition on, which includes the original game plus several other of the developer's other pixelated surreal horror platformers. Similar to Gyossait, these games all manage to take simple graphics and create detailed disturbing experiences filled with plenty of gore, body horror, and creepy imagery.

Besides an early prototype of Gyossait, an unreleased prequel titled Uzaza, and other extra materials related to the game, this bundle also includes three other separate games. Two of them, All Of Our Friends Are Dead and Au Sable, can also be bought separately on the creator's page. All Of Our Friends Are Dead is a platformer shooter with a story that is meant to be left to interpretation. Au Sable, meanwhile, focuses on a red-haired female protagonist who is looking for her sister, Harmonia, in an evil forest.

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