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Check one vent, flash your light three times as your camera moves, and check the other. If there's a toy in either vent, put your mask on, and wait for them to go away. Once you can, wind your music box, and once it's wound pull down your camera and whip on your mask. Don't wait at all to take your mask off - the game will stop you from doing so if an animatronic is attacking you - and quickly repeat. This system, once you learn to do it quickly, will carry you all the way through the game if executed properly.

If you fail to follow these steps properly, prepare for a jumpscare. Some animatronics have different jumpscares. Foxy jumps at you if you don't flash the flashlight at him enough or if Balloon Boy disables your flashlight. Mangle swings from the ceiling to bite you. Bonnie reaches out for you. Chica, Freddy, and Toy Freddy pop up. Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and The Puppet jump at you. Balloon Boy does not have a jumpscare.

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