- Snake Game Or
Correct Answer:
-Advertisement- Or Venom Angry Crashy Rush Online? Or Venom Angry Crashy Rush Online?

You start as a small mouse in a dangerous wildlife world, where only survival of the fittest matters. It is a multiplayer casual survival game available for mobile and desktop devices.

You are a tiny mouse, need to eat a lot of healthy food, avoid getting eaten by predators, and watch out for natural traps. As you become bigger in size, you can change species from mouse to rabbit or pigeon, or bee. You can be a land animal, a bird, or an aquatic life.

Stay away from the poison gas, eat proper food as per the species you selected, and eat other small creatures to grow faster and stronger.

The game is similar to but designed with a survival element in mind. Hunt, defend, and grow that’s the rule.

You have only two choices to kill or get killed. Play

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