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Run as long as you can
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Collecting COINS
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Social Features

Subway Surfers' gameplay is easy to learn, but hard to master.

As stated in the introduction, your goal is to run for as long as possible while collecting as much gold as possible. Your perspective in the game is that your character is running away from you, so you control him from that perspective.

When you run, you can change your trajectory by sliding left to right. Swiping to the left of the screen causes you to switch to the left track while swiping to the right does the opposite.

Other important controls are jumping and rolling. Except for sliding up and down, these controls are identical to track switching. Slide up to jump, slide down scroll.

These controls are the basic way to play Subway Surfers, and the game doesn't deviate from that.

As you walk past them, coins are automatically collected and allow you to buy new characters and power-ups.

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