Haunted Cities Or State.io - Conquer the World?
Correct Answer: Haunted Cities
Pillar Of Rust Or Party.io?
Pillar Of Rust Or Party.io?

Even though Kitty Horrorshow's Anatomy is an obscure horror game and yet the developer's most well-known work, they have released many other interesting horror games. One of the other great titles on their page is Haunted Cities, which is the first volume in the Haunted Cities series. Each volume contains several short games that were originally rewards for the developer's Patreon members.

If players have never experience's this developer's unique brand of horror, these short vignettes capture the atmosphere and style perfectly. The first game, Pente, has the player explore a strange memorial landmark that eerily changes each time the player enters and leaves the main building. Leechbowl has the player throw packets of blood at the walls of a creepy city. Finally, the last game, Grandmother, makes the player decide which person to sacrifice to a strange creature in the woods.

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