Harvest.io Or Nightwalkers.io?
Correct Answer: Nightwalkers.io
FlyOrDie.io Or Hexar.io?
FlyOrDie.io Or Hexar.io?

It’s a co-op multiplayer zombie survival game, best to play with friends when feeling bored. The world sets in the modern era, a small noise alerts zombies, and then you have to handle the horrific zombie outbreak.

Nightwalkers.io has awesome action, requires the constant building to survive the zombie apocalypse. With each new level, difficulty increases. So the objective is to collect points and improve weapons and other utilities. The more powerful the weapon, the more the action.

It requires constant upgrades, crafting, building, weapons, and unique game mechanics. The game has impressive graphics, polished animations, and a high gameplay pace for a browser-based MMO arena shooter.

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