Bright Future for Horror Games Beyond 2021
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2021's New Horror IPs Impress
2021's New Horror IPs Impress

Indie games are where the horror genre tends to see the most growth, with experimental and ambitious titles exploring various ways to push the envelope of the horror genre. Little Nightmares 2 continued its side-scrolling and platforming horror success by upping the ante with grander bosses and more challenging environments to navigate. Inscription was an experimental deck-building horror game that subverted players' expectations with its unsettling narrative and constantly shifting mechanics. In Sound Mind presented a comparatively lighter mystery that forced players to utilize all tools at their disposal to solve its secrets.

Plus, there's plenty of future horror titles that fans are looking forward to as well. Scorn, The Outlast Trials, Martha is Dead, Quantum Error, and more are all unique horror experiences coming in the near future, all with different approaches to the genre. Even if these games aren't coming in 2021, there's still a bright future ahead for horror game fans, as the genre largely impressed this year. So long as horror games continue to iterate and improve upon another, there's plenty of scary games to look forward to after this year.

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